external anal spincter

Sphincter | definition of sphincter by Medical - http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/sphincter

sphincter [sfingk´ter] a circular muscle that constricts a passage or closes a natural orifice. When relaxed, a sphincter allows materials to pass through the ...
Physiologie de l'appareil sphinctérien urinaire et anal ... - http://www.urofrance.org/nc/science-et-recherche/base-bibliographique/article/html/physiologie-de-lappareil-sphincterien-urinaire-et-anal-pour-la-continence.html

Mots clés : Physiologie sphinctérienne, sphincter anal, sphincter uréthral, anatomie, incontinence urinaire, incontinence anale.
Anal Sphincter Repair | Birmingham Bowel Clinic - http://www.birminghambowelclinic.co.uk/treatments/anal-sphincter-repair/

Anal sphincter repair is an operation performed on the back passage to repair the gap in the damaged anal sphincter muscle.
Sphincter - definition of sphincter by The Free - http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sphincter

a leader in therapeutic interventions for sphincter-related diseases, announced today the release of new data from a 415 patient, multi-institutional study, comparing ...
Anal Stenosis | Diseases of the Rectum | MUSC - http://ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/colon-rectum/anal-stenosis.html

Anal stenosis means that the anal opening is too small or does not relax or open properly. This may be treated with surgery that enlarges the anal opening.
New Techniques in Anal Fistula Management - - http://colorectalresearch.com/17769.fulltext

Results: Using anal fistula plug provides another option for the treatment of complex anal fistulas and does appear to be an effective technique in some cases.
Rectum and Muscles - Bowel Control - http://www.bowel-control.co.uk/anatomy/rectum-muscles/index.htm

Rectum and Muscles. Once the bowel has done its work and absorbed nutrients from food, the waste travels to the rectal canal for storage. By remaining tense, the ...
Anal Fistula | Colorectal Surgeons Sydney | - http://colorectalsurgeonssydney.com.au/?page_id=415

Anal Fistula Types. SIMPLE FISTULAE. Within 6 weeks, the condition should be much improved, and you will need to be re-examined by a colorectal surgeon to determine ...
Colorectal Surgery - Anal Fistula - http://colorectal.surgery.ucsf.edu/conditions--procedures/anal-fistula.aspx

Anal fistulas are generally common among those who have had an anal abscess. Treatment is usually necessary to reduce the chances of infection in an anal fistula, …
Anal Fistulotomy : Background, Indications, - http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1582312-overview

22/07/2016 · The anal canal is surrounded by two layers of funnel-shaped musculature. The inner muscular structure is the internal anal sphincter, which is the ...
Exercises to Strengthen the Sphincter | - http://www.livestrong.com/article/430081-exercises-to-strengthen-the-sphincter/

16/08/2013 · Your internal and external sphincters are muscles that wrap around your anus and help you control your bowel movements. Some people lose control of their...
Anal Fissures | Colorectal Surgeons Sydney | - http://colorectalsurgeonssydney.com.au/?page_id=355

» Anal Fissures | Colorectal Surgeons Sydney provide specialist colorectal surgery & bowel cancer screening including colonoscopy. Dr Gary McKay is trained in ...
Prise en charge du cancer épidermoïde du canal anal – FMC-HGE - http://www.fmcgastro.org/postu-main/archives/postu-2011-paris/textes-postu-2011-paris/prise-en-charge-du-cancer-epidermoide-du-canal-anal/

Objectifs pédagogiques. Connaître les principales classifications utilisées pour apprécier le niveau d’atteinte tumorale et le bilan préthérapeutique
Anal Fissure Treatment & Management: - http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/196297-treatment

27/12/2016 · Initial therapy for an anal fissure is medical in nature, and more than 80% of acute anal fissures resolve without further therapy. The goals of treatment ...

external anal spincter

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